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The right to be informed and to complain
The controlling and monitoring mechanisms operating in ERE Information on the budget and financial data of ERE Information on procurement procedures/competitive bidding/concession procedures/public-private partnership procedures
Services provided by ERE The procedures/mechanisms for expressing opinions regarding the proces of drafting laws/bylaws, public policies or in relation to the exercise of functions in ERE Document/Records retention system, types and forms of documents
Register of requests and responses Social assistance/ subsidies provided by ERE Information/documents that are most frequently requested and those that are considered effective for publication by ERE

  • International Legislation
  • National Legislation
    • Law on the right to information
    • Law on the protection of personal data
    • Law on notification and Public Consultation
  • By Laws Acts
    • On the protection of personal data
      • Decisions
      • Guidelines
  • Regulations
  • Code of Ethics
  • Acts that contain rules, norms or restrictions of the human rights and fundamental freedoms*
  • Strategy
  • Annual Report
  • Policy manual/document, related to the functions of ERE which affect the public interest
    • Guidelines
    • Opinions
    • Manuals

Note*: In cases when the Public Authority is self-financed by the license fees or any other way of direct financing by the subjects regulated by it, are made public also the documents that provide general terms and conditions that indicate the settlement of obligations by certified subjects.

    List of Services * provided by ERE, including (Relevant fees,Application form,Time limits, Appeal procedure, Standards for the quality of service)
  • International data transfer
  • Accreditation of certified bodies
  • No fees are applied for both procedures

Note: Issuance of documents / Permits / Licenses / Authorizations etc.

Note: Commissionerꞌs Office does not initiate the proposal of legal acts.

  • Social assistance/subsidies provided by ERE*
  • Categories and manner of social assistance/subsidies*
  • Procedure for receiving social assistance/subsidies and relevant application documentation*
  • Complaint procedure*

Note: ERE does not provide this service

Based on Article 7, of law no. 119/2014, “On the right to information” the Energy Regulatory Authority publishes on its website the Transparency Program (“TP”). This program defines the legal framework for the activity of the authority based on law no. 119/2014 “On the right to information” (LDI).

This program is evaluated as a concrete way through which the public authority (hereinafter ERE) builds and increases transparency in its institutional work, under the guarantee of LDI. ERE shall periodically update the Transparency Program, in accordance with point 2 of article 5 of the LDI.

The information published in this program, aims to achieve the transparency ERE activity, through its detailed coverage on the official website as well as in the reception areas for the public. Each document is also accessible in the scheme.

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