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MEDREG General Assembly on 18 - 19 June 2019
On MEDREG held its 27th General Assembly on 18-19 June in Tirana, which was marked by a redoubling of the organization’s efforts to promote and facilitate the deployment of sustainable support schemes for Renewable Energy Sources (RES).

The General Assembly took stock of the multiple initiatives that MEDREG has been coordinating to foster electricity market integration, through its tightened cooperation with Med-TSO and other stakeholders under the umbrella of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Energy Platforms.

Acknowledging the valuable technical and institutional contributions of MEDREG to the UfM Energy Platforms and its Southern members, the European Commission has stated its intention to renew the EU’s financial support to the Association for the next three years.

This 27th GA was also marked by a reinforcement of partnerships and cooperation with other energy stakeholders of the region and beyond on common priorities, to facilitate synergies between similar organisations.