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Joint ECRB-MEDREG workshop highlights the importance of regulatory cooperation for stimulating renewable energy uptake
On 18 June in Tirana, regulatory authorities of the Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECRB) and Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG) discussed about the future of Net-Metering and Renewable Energy Support Auction Mechanism in the MEDREG and ECRB Regions.

In the spotlight was the development of a regionally coherent approach to renewable energy market regulation in the Mediterranean and Energy Community regions.

The key role of energy regulators in empowering consumers and creating a conducive climate investment for renewable energy were stressed.

Regulators shared insights on how net metering could serve as an enabling policy to stimulate private investment in renewable energy. The role of auctions in supporting price decreases spurring a competitive environment was also widely discussed. Representatives of the EBRD explained how International Financial Institutions could support the rollout of smart metering devices and provided concrete examples of financial and technical support to RES project in the region.

Mrs. Dorina Perister from the EBRD indicated that EBRD works closely with energy stakeholders and regulators to promote RES. The European Bank supports competitive and sustainable projects that comply with environmental standards, of small scale but also large scale that follow a merchant structure.

Regulators were also briefed about the most recent cost trends and competitiveness indicators in the MEDREG and ECRB region with respect to renewables. It was underlined that individual auction results and price outcomes are based on country-specific factors, including auction design, investor confidence as well as other elements such as grid access rules.

ERE held a specific presentation where were stressed the progress and the challenges of the power sector.

Wrapping up the workshop, Mrs Nina Grall from the ECRB suggested that net metering be seen as a means to achieve the energy transition that can support energy efficiency and therefore reduce electricity losses. Mr Grall also called on regulators to cooperate claiming that they all have a lot in common and experience to share.